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China attesting services

We provide attestation services for documents for use in the Mainland China. Such documents include:

  • corporate documents, including company registration, business registration, directors’ and/or shareholders’ resolutions, board minutes and other documents used for various commercial activities in the Mainland China
  • power of attorney for various purposes, include:
    1. appointing solicitors to conduct legal proceedings in the Mainland China
    2. appointing attorney in sale and purchase of properties in the Mainland China
  • document required for inheritance of an estate and probate matters
  • document required for the purpose of marriage or divorce in the Mainland China
  • document in support of an application for family members or relatives residing in the Mainland China to relocate to Hong Kong
  • document required for child adoption in the Mainland China

Our firm has China Appointed Attesting Officers appointed by the Ministry of Justice of the People’s Republic of China and they are authorized to attest and certify acts, matters and documents of legal significance occurring or emanating from Hong Kong for use in the Mainland China.

Notarization and attestation

Our firm offers comprehensive notarial work and attestation services which include:

  • Verifying identification documents
  • Certifying true copies of original documents
  • Notarizing Powers of Attorney, contracts, affidavit, documents for the sale and purchase and mortgage of land or overseas assets, etc. for use outside Hong Kong
  • Verifying personal documents and information for immigration/ emigration, marriage, adoption or other purposes
  • Verifying corporate, commercial or business documents
  • Administering oaths and affidavits
  • Legalizing documents, including arranging an apostille from the High Court
Marriage solemnization

Our solicitors has Civil Celebrants of Marriage to provide professional marriage solemnization services for local wedding couples within the jurisdiction of Hong Kong.

Our Civil Celebrants offer full range of services, including submitting the notice of intended marriage, solemnizing the marriage and preparing the marriage certificate.